What is the 10 week challenge?
Each week we deliver you a box of healthy, fresh chef made lunches and dinners.  Microwave for 2 minutes then eat  
Our delicious meals are nutritionist approved, reduced carbs, no added sugar and use free range meat.  
Access to our success coach, tips and tricks for nutrition & training and a private FB group of like-minded challengers.
Why Muscle Fuel?


Why spend your free time shopping and cooking, when our team of Chef's can deliver pre-made meals to your door.  2 minutes heat then ready to eat.  
At Muscle Fuel, we make healthy eating easy.  Simply join online & we'll do the rest.


When life gets busy, we know you need your Muscle Fuel to be flexible.  If your plans change, you can cancel your order at anytime for free.
You can choose which meals you want each week from our constantly evolving menu so you won't get bored of the same old meals.

Quality & Value

We know you deserve the best.  Our Chefs use only locally sourced ingredients and the finest free range meats and eggs.  Choose from our extensive menu including vegetarian and gluten friendly options.  As a proud Kiwi company, we look after our home with recyclable delivery packaging.

Achieve Your Goals

Fall in love with healthy habits.  Our restaurant quality meals are dietician endorsed.  We take the guess out of success with low calorie, low sugar, low carb meals that are portioned controlled.  You'll also join our supportive community of challengers and have exclusive access to our in-house weight loss success coach.
Our Challenge Options
Free Shipping North Island ($0/wk)
Half price Shipping South Island ($14.50/wk)
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We have already helped THOUSANDS of kiwis JUST LIKE YOU make positive changes to their life without it becoming the focal point of their life. 
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Muscle Fuel 10 Week Challenge?
We get it, life is busy and everything seems to get in the way of your nutrition plans.  We have developed an easy convenient system to control your eating without compromising taste.  Each week you receive a package of healthy fresh pre-made meals that you use for your lunches and dinners.
You can choose your meals each week from our evolving menu with new meals being introduced every fortnight so you don't get bored.
How do I join the 10 Week Challenge?
To join simply choose your package in the options above, fill out your details and input your credit or debit card details.  We will take payment for your first order at the time of registration and then it will be debited every Thursday after you receive your first order.
How do I know it will work for me?
We consulted nutritionists and dieticians to craft our menu of healthy meals. We provide you with healthy lunches and dinners that help you make a positive and sustainable improvement to your lifestyle.  Thousands of Kiwi's have used the Muscle Fuel 10 Week Challenge with an average weight loss of 6.9kg across the 10 weeks*.
Are the meals going to be big enough for me?
We offer 2 sizes of meals - Maxi and Lite.  The Maxi sized meals are designed to suit Males and larger appetites and the Lite sized meals are designed to suit Females or smaller appetites.  There is no problem starting with Maxi sized meals and once your body adapts to the meals you can move to Lite meals.  If you are still finding yourself hungry we can help with lots of tips and tricks to keep your body feeling full.
Where do you deliver to and what days?
Our delivery network spans all of New Zealand.  We can deliver it to your home, your work, a friends house, basically anywhere as long as it's not rural.  Delivery is made on Wednesdays every week or Saturday's if you can't receive your meals during the week.
Do you offer Vegetarian, dairy free or Gluten Free meals?
We have a selection of plant based meals, dairy free meals and meals that don't contain any gluten ingredients.  Our production kitchen is used to make both Gluten and non-gluten meals so there is the possibility of contamination by trace carbs.  We do not recommend Coeliacs consume our meals for this reason.
The Muscle Fuel 10 Week Challenge is designed to assist with weight loss when incorporated as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.
*Losing 6.9kg in 10 Weeks is based off the average weight loss of response from Muscle Fuel customers who purchased Muscle Fuel over 10 weeks whose goal was to lose weight who were successful in that goal between 8th of Jan 2018 to 9th Apr 2018.
Individual results may vary. Refer to the terms and conditions for more information.
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Customer Reviews
4.6 Average          147 Reviews
12 Lite Challenge
My last week of the 10 week Challenge and 
boy am I glad I did it! Having this group motivated 
me to exercise more, eat cleaner ( with muscle fuel 
of course) and just being happier and in charge of 
my general health and well being! It’s even better 
when the pair of jeans that would cut me in half 
after a hour of wearing them now allow me to eat 
dinner and go dancing afterwards for a whole night.  
Thanks everyone and Especially Sean and the gang 
at Muscle Fuel. I’m definitely continuing this in the 
new year! Good luck to the people starting or in 
your first few weeks... you will have no regrets!
12 Maxi Challenge
10 week challenge officially ended for me 
yesterday and i am super pleased with the results 
as my goal was to drop 12 kgs from 132kgs to 120kgs 
and am super stoked that i now weigh 119kgs!  
Surpassed my own goal!! Confidence has grown a lot 
but I know the journey is not yet over as i have set 
myself another goal of doing the challenge again after 
i get back from holiday to do another 10 weeks!! 
The first photos i was weighing in at 132kgs and 2nd photos 
im weighing in at 119kgs thanks again Muscle Fuel 
for all the support!! 
Ngā mihi
12 Lite Challenge
10 Weeks done! BOOM! it’s gone so fast and the 
changes to my body are amazing. Only 3kgs down 
on the scales so PLEASE don’t get hung up on 
numbers people. It’s about how you look and feel. 
I have worked out pretty damn hard too so building 
lots of lean muscle. Have loved the food and the 
convenience of not having to prep food. Good luck 
everyone starting this journey!! Thanks Muscle Fuel 
for helping me kick start mine!
12 Lite Challenge
Well my 10 weeks has now come to and end and wow, 
what an amazing ride. I have dropped 6.5 kg, am exercising 
every day and I feel amazing. I love the food so much that 
I have ordered I bulk for the Christmas period to make sure 
I can still have one meal a day as I ease myself back to regular 
eating. For me, portion size is the key thing I have taken away 
from this. Thanks to everyone at Muscle Fuel and on this board 
for your amazing support.
12 Maxi Challenge
I've been a bigger guy for a while and I was struggling 
to keep up with my kids. I work a lot which I used as 
an excuse for my poor eating habits. I had had enough 
so I took the plunge and jumped on the Muscle Fuel 
10 week challenge. I stuck with it and at my 10 week 
weigh in I had lost a total of 15kg! Not only that but I 
look and feel a hell of a lot healthier. It wasn't even 
that hard, all my main meals sent out to me all I had to 
do was eat them. I'll never go back so I continue to 
get weekly Muscle Fuels sent out to me.
12 Lite Challenge
10 weeks yesterday since being on the Muscle Fuel challenge and I’m happy 
to say I lost 10.6kg!! Can’t believe I’ve done it
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Monthly Plans Only Available for:
 100% Personalised Meal Plan
100% Personalised Workout Program
Private facebook Community Access
Mobile App for your Phone
Instructional Workout Videos
Step by Step Recipes
Unlimited support
Usually $49
Now $19.95 / month
Subscription Reoccurs Monthly
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